ECIM 2016 – Taking a Medical Congress to a New Level

Amsterdam will host the 15th European Congress of Internal Medicine on 2, 3 September 2016. The President of the European Federation of Internal Medicine, MD, FRCP, FACP, FEFIM, Frank Bosch, and President of the 15th European Congress of Internal Medicine, MD PhD FRCP FACP, Professor Mark H. H. Kramer who is Professor of Medicine, Chair department of Internal Medicine, VU University Medical Center, told about distinctive aspects of this congress to a Medical Express correspondent.

1. What will make ECIM 2016 different from the previous congresses?
Frank Bosch: The 2016 congress of Internal Medicine in Europe will be a very modern congress encompassing advanced technology. We will try to add new and very interactive format to the congress using social media, discussion forums, lectures, workshops and sessions. In our vision, a congress should be able to let the attending doctors participate in an active environment. Through these innovative opportunities we hope to bring internists from around the world under one roof. European Congress of Internal Medicine is the only event ran on European level for healthcare professionals working in the field of internal medicine.

2. How many countries will take part in the congress and what is the estimated number of participants?
Frank Bosch: We are expecting to welcome more than 1000 participants from across Europe and around the world. The audience will consist of a spectrum of specialists in internal medicine or its subspecialties, ranging from doctors in training through to senior consultants.

3. What new research findings will be presented and discussed at the 15th Congress (ECIM2016)?
Mark Kramer: The focus will be on topics relevant for Internal Medicine in the 21st century. The theme of the conference is ‘Connecting with the Patient’, with a glimpse into the future for healthcare across a broad range of clinical topics like: Patient Participation and Advocacy, Education in 21st century, Watson, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Internal Medicine in the 21st century and many more.

4. Why do you think that this congress is an important platform for internists and other healthcare professionals?
Mark Kramer: No other meeting like ECIM offers the opportunity to reach out to such a broad audience of internal medicine physicians in Europe.
Furthermore, there will be unmissable opportunity for participants to train their medical and technological skills, share best practice, while engaging and networking with other professionals from a wide range of disciplines.

I would like to thank you, Dr. F. Bosch and Professor M. Kramer, for the interview on behalf of the organizers of the congress, AIM Group International and the information partner an International Multimedia Journal Medical Express, and express my hope to arrange a video interview with you during the congress in Amsterdam.

 mark_kramer Frank_bosch
 Mark H.H. Kramer, M.D. Ph.D. FRCP FACP   Frank H. Bosch, M.D. Ph.D. FRCP FACP