Workshop Ultrasound

Participants of the Workshop Ultrasound for Internal Medicine, 3rd September 2016

The European Federation of Internal Medicine
Workshop Ultrasound for Internal Medicine
Sunday September 4th

Course Director:
PD Matthias Hofer, M.D., MPH
Master of Medical Education (MME)
Diagnostic Radiologist
Heinrich-Heine-University Duesseldorf, Germany

Instructors (small groups of 5 participants per tutor)
Michiel Blans
Frank Bosch
Paul Elbers
Matthias Hofer
Alexis Müller-Marbach

08:30   Reception with coffee

09:00   The unstable patient in the ER / ICU: Ruling out internal bleedings with FAST-protocol
             M. Hofer

10:15   Ruling out pneumothorax with eFAST / BLUE-protocols
             M. Blans

11:30   Ultrasound of blood vessels: how to discriminate between CCA and IJV and what is the filling state of my patient (IVC-diameters)?
             M. Hofer

12:15   Break

12:45   How is the kidney? Scanning of a kidney in two planes, measurement of kidney size and evaluation of obstruction
             A. Müller-Marbach

14:00   How are liver and gallbladder? Stones or focal lesions?
             A. Müller-Marbach

15:00   Close-Up and handing out of certificates
             M. Hofer

This course is being offered to attendants of the European Congress of Internal Medicine.

Course Fee:
Practising Internists: € 200
Internists in training: € 150

Maximum 30 participants

VUmc Amsterdam
Department of Intensive Care Medicine
Meeting Room Delta ZH.7D.161
De Boelelaan 1117
1081 HV Amsterdam
Room: Delta


For any questions or registrations, please contact the logistic organizer:
AIM Group International – Brussels Office
Grensstraat 7, 1831 Diegem (Belgium) – PH: +32 27228230 – FAX: +32 27228240

This workshop has been partly made possible by the Department of Intensive Care Medicine of the VUmc.